At the Bankstown Sports AFL Club, we promote a healthy lifestyle through encouraging children of all ages to get moving and playing our great game with us where we make it fun and all inclusive. As a non-profit, community based junior sports club, with a strong emphasis on our kids, all of our  fundraising is put towards them and the development of their love of AFL, team and community.

By sponsoring our club, you will be helping us provide an opportunity for our kids to have a go and be
supported in a club that cares for their development and their enjoyment in this great game. In turn, we appreciate every bit of support we can get and we will acknowledge and promote your business and your contribution in support of our great club.

The Bankstown Sports AFL Club are looking to make long term partnerships with our sponsors where as we can both grow and have our brands recognised throughout our community. We would greatly appreciate you and your business joining us as a sponsor for the 2019 season and beyond. On the following pages, you will find package details for you to consider for your business to take on with our club.


We look forward to working positively with you and your business.

For more information please speak with our our committee members or contact the president via president@bankstownafl.com.au or on 0414017369.

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