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Concussion information

This section outlines the Bankstown Sports AFL Club position in relation to concussed players.

  • For any player who experiences a concussion (whether it is related to footy or not) MUST provide a medical clearance to play.  Medical clearance should be given to coach and team manager and then passed on to the club registrars for club record keeping.

  • Medical clearance is required for both playing a game and also training.

  • AFL guidelines outline that players should sit out for 10 days.  We ask Managers and Coaches to monitor the player closely, with coaches being asked remove the player from the game should they have any concerns relating to the previous concussion.

  • Should a concussion (or suspected concussion) occur during a game, then the player should not be permitted to return to the field unless given clearance from the appointed First Aid officer at the ground.

  • Any player who has multiple concussions in the one season may be asked to sit out for the remainder of the season.

  • All concussion (or suspected concussions) should also be reported to the club president by either the coach or team manager.

  • The club supports the AFLs approach to concussion "If in doubt, sit them out".

The AFL has also provided additional information in relation to concussions and we strongly recommend you take the time to be familiar with this information.

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