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BullSharks rules and policies


At the Bankstown Bull Sharks AFL Club expect the highest level of behaviour both on and off the field.  We abide by the spirit of fair play and follow the Codes and Policies as outlined by the AFL.  To find out more click on the icon below to learn more:


Child Protection Officer and Policy


Bankstown AFL take child safety seriously. Please see a copy of our:

Child Protection Officer Mick Whitham

Member Protection Information Officer

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs) have long been a part of Australian sport, creating positive club environments and supporting inclusive, safe, and fair sport. MPIOs listen to issues that club members may be going through and refer them to the right place to find a solution. 

What is an MPIO? 

MPIOs are there to listen to issues raised by members of any sport before triaging and referring them to the right place to find a resolution. The MPIO is responsible for providing information about a person's rights, responsibilities and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern, as well as information support during the process. 


MPIOs don’t handle complaints or investigate grievances, and they don’t mediate between members or stakeholders. They’re also separate from the relevant Integrity Manager or the person(s) in authority regarding complaints, disputes, and resolutions in our sport. MPIOs are an impartial party who are there to help guide people in the right direction. 

The MPIO at Bankstown AFL is Helen Birrell, Club Secretary. You can contact them at to discuss club-related issues. 

To find out more about MPIOs you can visit the Play by the Rules website at 




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